Monday, February 14, 2011

I think we should all live in Candyland today. Or be best friends with Tinkerbell.

Aww man, it's that time of the year again... You know what I mean. Do I even have to say it? Okay, for those of you who are hiding under a rock and are unaware... today is the anniversary of the day Richard Nixon planted all his sneaky little taping systems around the White House! Ha, nah (well, that is true... but not what I feel like writing about) it's Valentine's Day... Yay!

Little (and not so little) kids all over the place are gracefully shoving their faces with candy. Tastay. Man, choosing who got which mass-produced Valentine's Day card was such an ordeal for me when I was little. I'd cover my bedroom floor with all of them and have my little list of my classmates out and freak out over "Who gets what card?! I can't give the wrong one to the wrong person!!" Yeah... I mean, you couldn't give an overly friendly card to a boy or he would think you liked him. You didn't want to give all your best friends the same card, but how would you decide who gets the nicest one? It's like choosing who you like more. Yeah, I spent too much time with those cards. It was so much fun though.

Even when you were little there was a little bit of pressure on all the Valentine's Day hoopla... But now it's just ridiculous. Teenagers and college-aged young adults are freaking out weeks (or days, to the men out there) in advance about what they should do.

What would he like?

What should I get him to make him know how much I love him?

What would that gift SAY about me?

Is that too corny? Is it just corny enough?

Aww crap, Valentine's Day is tomorrow... Wal-Mart teddy bear, a rose and discount chocolate it is!

I remember silently freaking out in sophomore year of high school about what to get my boyfriend of the time. I finally asked my friend Steffi if she had any suggestions and somehow we ended up asking a boy in our class what he would like.

"Sex," is what he replied.
"Uhm, yeah no," I oh-so-cleverly responded. "Any other ideas?"
"I'd have to think about it..."

Come to think of it, I don't even remember what I ended up getting him... I just remember all the things I THOUGHT about getting him. Oh my. Haha. I think I made him a really terrible mixed CD or something. Probably... Yeah. Probably one full of my "Oh my goodness, you should pay attention to every single lyric in every single song on this CD so you can know exactly how I feel about you and us and me and you and then it'll be perfect and uhhhduhhhhhh" compilations...

I can't even imagine how it is for married couples. I mean, if you're married, I feel like holding the commitment to stay together is a great enough present for ANY day, isn't it? I mean, yeah, flowers are probably a decent idea, but why do so many people think there has to be some big romantic gesture involved? It all seems kind of unnecessary to me... but then again, I'm slightly cynical when it comes to the idea of "love" so what do I know?

I think maybe I'm one of those girls who thinks she hates Valentine's Day but would appreciate a cute little gift as long as it wasn't a regular run-of-the-mill presents... I'm not one for expectations. I don't like to have them and I don't want to be held tog them. Valentine's Day just seems like the biggest day for expectations... aside from your wedding anniversary (oh my goodness, that would be stressful).

This is my first single Valentine's Day in three years. I honestly don't really care, but it could be nice if I had a nice gentleman to romantically pour my NyQuil for me later tonight (oh yes, I'm sick. The area around my bed is a mess, I'm in my bathrobe, and I keep doing this really adorable coughing my organs out thing... Wouldn't you want to spend the day with me, baby?).
I don't like or dislike Valentine's Day. It's over tomorrow. If it lasted a week, then I'd probably hate it with a hot, fiery passion, but it doesn't.

For those of you who love Valentine's Day and are doing something fun today, go you! I hope you have a fantastic time. Maybe let me know what your plans are.




  1. I feel the same way. I don't like or hate Valentine's Day; I just don't care about it. My opinion is why should couples give each other gifts only one day of the year? Why not everyday?
    Though, I do like nerdy Valentine's Day poems.

  2. Not that I am a die-hard valentines day celebrator but... I like the holiday... It's nice seeing hearts and red and all cute little teddy bears all over the place (I don't think I ever hated valentines day even when I was single I liked the holiday... But I guess I didn't expect as much from it then as I do now...).
    I don't know why this holiday has such a split crowd. It sucks being single most every day and... If you're in love it's like valentines day every day... Just... On valentines day every store is stocked full with perishable gifts...
    PERSONALLY. This has got to be my least favorite valentines day. I have a boyfriend that got to see over the weekend but now... On valentines day... I am completly alone. It sucks.
    But I love you kimmy and I am sorry I am not around to pour your nyquill... I hope you are feeling better.

  3. Billy, I also love nerdy Valentine's Day poems :)

    You're not completely alone, Berlyn! You have Axl in spirit! At least you know you've got him, right? And you got to see him! That's exciting :)