Saturday, July 9, 2011

How to survive MORTAL PERIL!

Well, I just finished the Harry Potter books this week, and I have been watching the movies in preparation for the big day... And with the big day being this upcoming Thursday, I see it fit that this blog is just a little themed with how to survive when everything goes to shit.

So this is How To Survive Mortal Peril 101

1. Get at least One or Two Really Great Friends that will never EVER leave your side. Ever.

The friends that will slap you across and scream "fuck no!" when you tell them that you have to go it alone. The friends that will declare your enemies theres and risk their lives to make sure you and the rest of civialization may survive.

These friends are more than "besties" they're like family.

Courageous and equiped with thier own special skills that help the team as a whole. Saving the world, or simply surviving the apacolypse would be impossible without them.

2. A Special Skill Set

What do I mean by a special skillset?

I mean, you're capable of doing something that other people aren't.

Whether that is weilding a sword and whip like mister Indiana Jones here or damaged nerve ends like Kick Ass or just the incredible ability to annoy the fuck out of anyone that comes your way. It's just something that you can do that others can't.

These abilities typically don't come out until the moment arises. When the floor splits in two and a hand of lava flies up to pull you into it's midst. Suddenly water can shoot out of your hands or you were more courageous than you could have ever imagined.

These abilities will help you out of a tight space, all of the type spaces.

And sometimes these skills can be as simple as a severe disregard for safe, measured planning. So, techinically these skills could be anything... Most of the time they tend to be a large amount of guts.

3. Weapons

Now, I'm not talking guns... Unless you're James Bond... I'm talking weapons of mass importance. Weapons that mean something.

Wands, swords, records (see sean of the dead), hammers, etc.

Something that was very hard to find and is the only thing that will help you at your time of need. Something irriplaceable. If only something that is found in the nick-of-time.

Every story has at least one of these. The thing that will help lead to the resolution. The thing will slice off your attacker's HEAD! Shazam.

4. Romance

Okay, so you don't NEED this... But it's always nice. It's one thing that will always keep your spirits up in the face of disaster. It's encouraging. It's the warm blanket in the stormy weather.

So even though it's not a vital object to the list it is still important. It is still something to keep in mind when the end is near. Shouldn't we all open at the close?

Stupid reference. I apologize.

5. A goal

This is the thing that, above all, will remind you why you fight... Why you continue on in the face of death. Why you keep going when you want to stop.

Freedom for your people. You're family's safety. The human race. Happiness. Love. Etc. Etc.

This is the thing that you dream about. The thing that you so desperatly want that you would die for it. And that is the MOST IMPORTANT thing in survival of Mortal Peril.... Something to fight for.

Well people, I have been working on this blog for hours and I think it is time to call it quits and actually start my day. I only hope that this list has helped you realize just how informative movies actually are and also prepared your for a future that could happen... You never know.

Good Luck.