Saturday, November 27, 2010

I miss YOU.

I miss my friends.
I miss my family.
I miss my dog.
I miss snow...
I miss Washington.


I've been sitting here, clueless about what to write. And that's probably because I'm wallowing in my own pity party here in the sunny state of California. It might also be the fact that CARS is playing in the background and I HATE CARS (it's the ONLY pixar movie I can't stand AND they're making a second movie... Dumb). So basically I'm distracted.

I think it's mostly the friends thing. I mean, don't get me wrong, I've made friends since I've moved here. A bunch. I've made friends that invite me over and like having me around AND they like Axl... So that's a plus. I like all my new friends. And I know that if I keep hanging out with them they will become even better friends. But what I can't stop getting over is all the differences between the friends I have here and the friends I have at home.

For one thing. Almost all of the friends I have here are guys. Because the mas majority
of people attending Columbia College Hollywood are guys.
Almost all the friends I have at home are girls. I don't know why. It's not like there's a bigger population of girls back in Auburn than there is here in Northridge. I guess it's just because in middle school, all but one of my friends were girls and then when I moved to high school I just continued the trend.
Honestly, I don't prefer male friends over female friends. I guess I just wish I could be able to communicate more successfully with all my female friends back home and still have all my new guys friends to communicate with here.
I'm rammbling.

Another thing is that all the new guy friends I have made here have all the same interests as me. I can sit and have an hour long conversation about a director and his best films and then the next hour we'll move on to another director and the trend goes on and on.
Back home I don't have a specific thing I talk about with my friends. We just chatter on ab out drama and how boring Auburn is (Northridge is worse) and all the things we did over the years.
Both are equally fun.

Are you bored yet?
I'm sorry.
I'll move on to the story that made me start thinking about this.

I was sitting in line with some friends for the premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part one (OH! As soon as I get a chance to go to the library I'm going to get the first book and start reading... I'll keep you updated) I ended up playing this weird card game with them were you can't refill your hand until your next turn. It. Drove. Me. Nuts.
Because of my OCD, I needed to refill my hand RIGHT AFTER I finished my turn, but I couldn't. So I would sit there and bounce, and swear, and ask people if they were done yet. They all thought I was hyper but in reality I was losing my mind.
Anyways. One of my new friends... Was just looking at me weird. Not getting it. I mean, she's as weird as I am but she just didn't get it. All my friends back home would have known that I can't concentrate on anything EXCEPT refilling my hand during a game like that.
Inside the theater they played twenty questions.
The same friend that didn't get it chose the person "Hobo" as the others guessed, another friend asked: "Would anyone here be considered the type of person you are talking about?" And she replied: Berlyn maybe. She said she was kidding but she inadvertantly called me a hobo. Maybe it was cause I asked her to buy popcorn, or drive her car, or used a free movie ticket to get my ticket. Regardless... It wasn't right and it was offensive.

Back home when I go to movies and ask my friends: "Hey, you should buy popcorn so I can eat some of it" they don't think, "God. berlyn's a hobo."

It's messed up. When I got home I laid in bed and thought about how I would have much rather seen the movie with my friends back home. How I missed them all because they would never really call me a hobo.

I told another friend here but I think he told the friend that called me a hobo because a few days later she had a small stuffed penguin as an "early christmas present". She knows something.

I mean, I know I'm not really one for "talking about my problems" but I do wish I had SOMEONE to talk to... Even if it was my mom. She listens pretty well.

AND KIM! I miss Kim so much. I can talk to Kim about pretty much anything and I don't feel like I'm being judged. She's very cool like that. I don't know if I'll be able to see Kim when I DO come up but I wish I could. I mean.... I'll probably cry like a baby but it will be good for me. I miss you Kimmy and I hope you are doing well....
The crying like a baby thing goes for pretty much anyone I do see... So... Prepare yourself.

SO in conclusion. I wish I could come home for the holidays. I WISH I could come home and see all my friends (mostly girls) and talk about my problems and cry with them and laugh with them. I want to come home and see everyone. Just for a little while so that I could refresh myself before I come back here.
Don't get me wrong. I don't feel this way about all the friends I have here. Just a few.

Anyways. I think I'm going to call this good and try to do something productive today. Maybe I'll work out and read inglorious basterds. Or go shopping for food.
Food would be nice.

I love you all.

Old Friends And New Friends :)

-Berlyn :)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

I'm thankful for YOU. Yes, you.

Luke Danes: Shouldn't we give thanks first?
Jess Mariano: Thanks for what?
Luke Danes: Well, that we're not Native Americans who got their land stolen in exchange for smallpox infested blankets.
Lorelai Gilmore: Amen.

Thank you, Gilmore Girls, for your wonderful view on Thanksgiving.

When you think about it, though, that's what Thanksgiving is for the most part. Most people prepare for the Thanksgiving meal for hours (or even days), have family over, go around the table and name a few things they're thankful for, share a few laughs, eat a ton of food, and then go shopping at 4 am the next morning.

While I usually thank people multiple times when they do anything for me, I don't feel as though I come off as thankful often enough. And though I'm more aware of the positive and happy things that I'm thankful for, I am also thankful for my struggles and experiences that seem terrible at the time. Because they make me a better and stronger person.

But I'm not going to talk about the latter. I'm going to list some positive things I'm thankful for.

Brand New.
My acceptable writing ability.
Gilmore Girls.
Elliott Smith.
Rilo Kiley.
Hot cocoa.
Crafts to occupy me when I'm stressed.
The Fall of Troy.
Secret Life.
Crisp air.
People who give me the opportunity to listen to them.
The Sims.
Movie nights.
Learning and college.
Sour Patch Kids.
Understanding people.
Authors who write amazing books for me to read.
My morals.
Diet Coke.
The way I was brought up.
Times when I can relax.

...Just to name a few.
And these are just the simple things.

Writing all of those down makes me feel happier, too. There's just something about acknowledging positivity that boosts your spirit.

Besides focusing on what I'm thankful for, Thanksgiving also makes way for.... BLACK FRIDAY.

Yes, I am one of those insane people who lines up at the crack of dawn to get a free snowglobe and a handful of deals for Christmas presents. With my mommy. It's absolutely chaotic but I actually really enjoy it (most of the time. When I'm not super antsy about huge crowds and manic mothers) because of the excitement level.

However, I definitely would NOT want to be a retail employee on Black Friday (sorry, Alice!). I think I would probably have a constant panic attack until I got trampled by an caffeine-crazed, doorbuster-fueled mob of customers.

Kind of weird how all that insanity is linked with Thanksgiving and Christmas, huh?

Well anyway, I'm kind of freaked out by all the sirens that just started and people are making me antsy (like how I'll be on Black Friday!) so I think I'm going to make this a short one and let you go. I'll write you a novel in two weeks, kay?

Let me know if any of you guys have fun or interesting Thanksgiving traditions, and also let me know what you're thankful for!

I'm thankful for all of you, loves.
Have a fantastic Thanksgiving.


P.S. I'm also thankful for this picture and the giggles it caused me.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Seriously guys!

I want to confess something to you all.

I've kept this a secret for a very long time and I want to come clean about it.

I'm black.

Now, I know you are all thinking:

"Berlyn, even though you may think you are black inside you are genetically white."

Well you're wrong. I was born black. Just like Michael Jackson.
Think about it.
Why do you all think I moved to Auburn in the seventh grade? Do you think it's because we needed a bigger house? Because you would be wrong. It's because my skin turned turned white and I got made fun of, so we moved.

Now you're all probably thinking:

"Fine, prove it. What disease did you have?"

Well, friends, I have a disease called Vitiligo where your skin becomes lighter in patches on your body. Look it up, it exists.

Go here: (

Vitilgo affects many different parts of the body.
The hands, face, back, chest, stomach, feet and more. There are different levels of Vitiligo, I have Universal Vitiligo. This means that large portions of my body suffer from depigmantation.

Anyways. To cover the blotches, so I look normal, I wear a lot of make up, so my skin looks even lighter.

Now, some of you are probably thinking:

"I've met your mother. She's white. You're Biological brother is white. Your sisters are white. Your dad is white!"

This is the second part of my secret:

I'm adopted.
My biological mother and father are black, my biological grandmother suffered from the same disease as me. It skipped my parent's generation.

You see. I'm black, I just have white skin.


Okay did I convince any of you? Come on be truthful. Tell me in the comments if I convinced you that I was black for even a milisecond.

So I have decided to focus this blog on tricking people into thinking you are a different ethnicity than you actually are.
For those of you that were not convinced by my story... You have to find the right people or you have to be the most convincing person in the world.

This has worked for me before.

I did some inception on my newspaper friend Shayla like a ninja.

One week I mentioned to her that I was actually black and not white and that my mother was black and she could see for herself.
I laughed and thought she realized my joke.
However, a few weeks later she turns to me and asks:

"Hey are you really black?"

I laughed so hard. It was perfect. So it does work.

So I've split this blog into two parts. I don't mean to make this racist (See, I can't be racist, I can't even spell it) or anything it's just a different process for different skin colors.

So. To be as politically incorrect as possible:



There are two diseases (that I have found) that will work for this type of lie.

First is Vitiligo
Vitilgo (like I described above) is a genetic disorder that affects the pigment of the skin. It, often times, makes skin lighter.
It's more rare to see it effect the body in large portions, for the most part it affects the body in small sections like these hands.
Moving on, there is no cure for this disease but it does make you very sensitive to light.
They have some proceedures that may help but I'm not here to talk about success stories.
One notable person with this affliction is Michael Jackson (but I'm pretty sure he bleached his skin).

SO. To convince people you have Vitiligo you need the facts.

Do they know your parents? If they do make it seem like you have something very important to tell them and start with adoption. And then go into the fact that your parents are black. At first they won't believe you but you should start explaining that you have Universal Vitiligo meaning that most of your skin has changed pigments, though there are a few places with black blotches. When they ask to see just explain to them that the blotches are on your ass, breasts, or junk and you don't feel comfortable showing them.
Then throw facts at them. Seriously, go on Wikipedia, get some facts and attack.

Second is Albinism

Albinism is one of those disease that your are born with for no apparent reason. This disease makes the skin, eyes, and hair pigment lighter.
It makes the skin more sensitive to sunlight than normal skin.
There are different types of Albinism; one that affects hair, eyes, and skin and one that only effects the eyes.
It's mostly sex-linked so it mostly effects men, but there are cases of it effecting girls.
Albinism comes from genetics or mutations in DNA.
People of any race can be effected. Approximatly 1 in every 20,000 people have ablinism.
Animals are effected by Albinism as well.

Now, to convince people that you are albino is far more difficult than telling them your skin started changing color.
So. Now you don't have to convince people that you are adopted. Now you just have to convince them you were born this way.
You could lie about your hair and say that you died it or something.
The eyes are harder. You could attempt telling people you are special and were born with dark eyes but it's unlikly... So sell it.

SO.... Next Section:


This is way harder.

First of all. Did you know that pregnancy can make your skin darker? I didn't... I thought it was interesting. Though probably something you don't want to use as an explaination.

Ex: "I'm actually white."
"You're white?"
"Yeah. My pregnancy just made my skin darker."
"Wait... You're pregnant?!"


First, the more unlikly, is Cyanosis.

Now, I say this is unlikly because it only changes skin color because the color of the blood.
So. This will probably work for those of you who are not that dark skinned but still darker than me.
This is common in heart problems. The blood either doesn't have enough activity or is not the color blue but a purple color instead.
(Blood is blue until it hits air people...)
SO in reality it makes you appear more blue or purple than dark.

So to convince people that you have this you would need to look up more information on heart conditions.
Or lie.
I would take the ide
a of the disease and say: I was born with a heart condition that makes my blood darker so it makes my skin appear darker, but my whole family is white. Weird huh?
I think it would work. Try it.

The second is: Hyperpigmentation

This is mostly cause from sun damage.
Which is why it is so lame.
I'm sure you can convince people that it was a birth defect.
It effects the face mostly but it also effects different parts of the body like the back, chest, hands, and more.
This is caused when the pigment Melanin begins to produce more color than needed because of a signal in the body telling it to do so (like the sun setting off a signal in your body that makes skin gradually darker).
Vitamin D also sets off the Melanin as well.

Anyways. To convince people you are white but your skin turned darker. You'll have to have a background story. So you start with something along the lines of: I started in point A but move to point B when my skin began to change darker. When people ask why talk about the DNA defect that was triggered by hanging out in the sun for too long.
Too much vitamin D you know?

Now back to being politically correct:


Anyways I just thought you all would enjoy to learn how to fool your friends into thinking that you are something you are not. I may just try it on all my new college buddies next time I go hang out with them all.
You should all try it and tell me your stories, the reactions you get. Comment?

Happy trickeries :)

- Berlyn

P.S. I was going to write more but I decided that I would only write about one thing that was on my mind this week.
I was going to go off into a rant about random things I remember. Like I remember scraching my step dad's car with the fake rose and blaming it on my brother (he got in so much trouble) when I was like seven... I also remember that when Daniel Radcliff got the news about being cast as harry potter he was in the bathtub.... I have no idea why I remember this stuff.
P.P.S. I love you all.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Roadtrippin' all day long

Sorry this post is a day late. See, Berlyn posted hers a day late last week and since I'm a follower and love her so much, I thought I would do the same. Not really... I was just busy on a road trip. So here I go!

One of the top things on my Things I Really Really Love list is road trips. My goodness, do I love them. The longer the road trip, the better (as long as I'm not driving... I hate driving so much...).

I'm actually on a super mini road trip right now. Half of the girls on the floor of my dorm packed bags for a Seattle/Edmonds/Kirkland adventure. I'm actually on our way back to WWU in Karissa's car with her, Rakia and Megan as we speak. We're listening to an amazing mix CD (road trip necessity number one) turned up quite loudly and lost in our own thoughts (well, I'm typing this, but I'm sure I'll be lost in my own thoughts right after I'm done). I'm feelings pretty content.

Every summer for several years I went on a two-day road trip with my brother and father to Southern California to visit my Aunt Kathy in Huntington Beach. Twelve hours one day, ten the other day. I'd wake up at 3:45 in the morning and be so full of excitement that I wasn't tired at all. It's comparable to a little kid waiting to go to Disneyland, except for the fact that this happened until I was a month shy of nineteen years old. Ice chest packed with Diet Coke and pretty nasty frappachinos, we were set to go by 5 am.

Now, we might have different views on roadtripping, but let me tell you what I think are the necessities for such an adventure:

Road trip necessities:

1. Extremely wide selection/variety of music. I'm a huge fan of mix CDs and playlists. I try to create a compilation that will please everybody in the car and still manages to have a good flow to it. Since I'm a perfectionist and also slightly neurotic, this takes me hours and sometimes even days or weeks. Southern Rock is a must for my California road trips but the vague genre of alternative is more fitting for the spring time Oregon trips. Music can make or break the experience in my opinion, so it's always a good idea to get a head start on the selections if possible.

2. Food. Do not forget the food. Even if the road trip is only two hours long, somebody is going to end up saying "OH MY GOSH I'M SO FREAKING HUNGRY!" and I would rather hand them a box of Cheez-its than listen to complaining. Water and caffeine is also a staple if the trip is long. Falling asleep at the wheel is probably not a good idea. Just sayin'. And I'm definitely one for staying awake in the passenger seat the entire trip. I don't want to miss out on anything, even if that anything is just sitting and staring out the window pondering the mysteries of life. On the way home from Eureka, CA this July, Ryan and I were traveling together (which was SO AWESOME by the way) and at some point Ryan realized just how tired he was. Since there was no more caffeine, it became my job to entertain Ryan and keep him alert so we wouldn't crash into a tree (that tree could have been a PERSON!! Oh, Tyra Banks...) or something. That was fun and all, but I'm sure Ryan would have rather sipped on a Monster energy drink than listen to me ramble on about nothing. Probably.

3. Something to do (if you're a passenger. If you're just driving, you should probably concentrate on driving. And singing if allowed.). For me, I usually pack a bag full of stuff to do during the car because I tend to get restless if I do the same thing for too long at a time. So I pack my journal with a couple pens and pencils, a notebook for doodling or notetaking and such, a good book or two (not a good idea if you get carsick... vomit scented car freshener does not exist for a reason), a camera, and an iPod if the whole mix CD thing doesn't work out in your favor. Harry Potter is my favorite to read during road trips. I also used to be quite the fan of bringing my Gameboy Color along for the ride. I've also played Battleship with Tasha during two separate road trips, spaced four years apart. Cards don't work well unless you have a fancy car with a table or something in it... Okay, moving on.

4. Uh, gas money and directions are probably a pretty good idea...

5. Good company and some sense of adventure. I'd rather walk to my destination than be shoved into a car with people I don't like. Enough said, I think.

There are many more things that a road trip can call for as well, such as a pillow for the sleepy backseat passenger who doesn't actually like road trips but just wants to go wherever you're going, sunglasses, phone charger, and probably more that I'm forgetting.

Basically, a road trip is much more than getting from point A to point B. It's an experience, and it's easy to make the experience a good one.

Any road trip stories or your own version of a list of necessities you'd like to share? Go ahead and post them!