Saturday, July 3, 2010

Gawd, that was cuhyoot!

So I have this thing where I get extremely excited and giddy when I see somebody cute (not necessarily someone I'm attracted to, just someone who has a generally high amount of adorableness). My reaction could be compared to the typical female's response to locking eyes with a playful puppy or a laughing baby. If I'm with somebody I'm comfortable around (mainly Berlyn or Michelle) I will point and loudly whisper "Look how cute they are!!"

Some may say this is my inner-child who never learned to think INSIDE her head trying to come out...

One trait that gets me jumping up and down on the tips of my toes is freckles. OH MY GAWDDD I LOVE FRECKLES SOOOO MUCH. Yeah. The caps lock was necessary. Freckles can make me like somebody more. Maybe I associate them with innocence, I don't know. But they temporarily excuse bad behavior in my eyes until I realize otherwise. For example, I was with a friend at my neighborhood park once and we were observing two siblings playing with each other on the playground. The boy suddenly shoved his sister down the slide without warning and she hit her face and began to cry. My friend exclaimed, "Oh my gosh, did you see that?! He's so mean!" but all I said back was "But he's so cute! Look at all those freckles! Awhhhhh!!" Red-headed Freckle Boy Who Shoves Siblings Down Playground Toys, you were not very nice that day. But you were so cute I didn't care.

The picture I included is of Fo Porter. She is my favorite contestant of America's Next Top Model ever. She was adorable, sweet, silly, sensitive (she cried practically every episode), and had SO MANY FRECKLES. She got kicked off toward the end of the cycle for being too short. She should have won the moment Tyra noticed her and her effing adorable freckled face. Hmph.

Another thing I find exceptionally adorable is people who are obviously laughing really hard... but no noise comes out of their mouth. It's like something is so funny that it would be painful to laugh normally. When a picture is taken of this, nothing is lost. Both the photo and reality capture happiness, and I find it adorable. It's hard for me to explain the feeling I get when I see this, but the closest thing I can compare it to is being cuddled up with a thick, soft blanket by a cozy fire with a mug of hot cocoa in hand in the middle of winter while reading the best book ever written. Throw in a giant bear hug and you're solid.

People who squeak when they laugh (like Sam Wren!), cover their mouths as if they are embarrassed of their laughter, and people who laugh with their mouths closed are all tied in a close second.

I suppose I think a lot of people are cute. Berlyn and I went to Southcenter for a shopping trip, and I pointed out at least three girls who made my tummy spin in awe of their adorableness. Two were in Forever 21 (which actually disappointed me this trip) and one was in line for Panda Express at the food court. Berlyn agreed with me on one girl, but was not so impressed with the following two. I felt like I should have went up to these girls and told them how cute they are, regardless of the strange looks I probably would have received. It was obvious that the first girl KNEW she was cute though, which makes me a little sad. There's something magical in a cute person not realizing just how cute they are...

I think a huge factor of a baby's cuteness is its clothes. I can go into the baby section of a store and yell "awwwww!!!" to clothing with no baby attached. Small shoes? Adorable. Jumpers with animated baby animals sewn on? Charming. Sometimes I want a baby just to have something cute to look at all day. Then I think, "what if the baby had freckles, laughed all the time, and played Patty Cake with a newborn puppy?" Would that be cute overload? I think I would explode from Too Much Adorable syndrome. Also, in reality, babies cry and poop and keep people from sleeping a normal amount. Not so cute. Let's pretend that part doesn't happen.

So what I'm going to do, I decided, is carry around a small notebook and call it my "Cute Journal." I'm going to write down everything I find especially adorable and write it down. If I have my camera with me, I may even take a picture (as long as I don't look creepy doing it). When I'm feeling sad or bummed about something, I'm going to look back on the journal and realize there are too many cute things in the world for me to be sad. I think it might just cheer me up. You all should try it too. It can't hurt, at least.

So it's time for me to look at cute people on teh internetz now... Until next time, here's a cute puppy:
1316420142_bec9a49f6d.jpg picture by kiim_loves_yooh



  1. Aww. You're cute, Kim! Awkwardness is ADORABLE :)

  2. I love you soooo much.... And I think this is a great idea... I may just do this with you.... We could both have cute journals :)

  3. I'm going to make you one, Berlyn :) I'll make one for anyone who wants one!