Friday, July 16, 2010

I wish my mannequin in shiny fiberglass would find me and love me forever...

Some little girls dream of growing up to be a princess who lives with their handsome price in a magical castle full of mystical creatures and rooms full of treasure. When I was younger, I dreamed about staying young and living merrily in a shopping center. Yeah, a mall. I don't know if this fantasy has ever crossed any of your minds, but think about it now.

The furniture store has tons of beds to choose from - the perfect place to host a sleepover (or for a bored insomniac to hang out in the early morning). The food choices are endless (seeing as there is a food court... Berlyn may have to branch out of her "I only eat Asian food when I go to malls" rule if she were to live in one); there are plenty of bathrooms and televisions and books... (OH MY GOSH IMAGINE HAVING YOUR OWN BORDERS!)... and do not even get me started on the clothes.

Take a deep breath...

In my preteen years, I used to dream about being fully accessorized from Claire's. Now, not so much, but I could pierce my ears there. Maybe get some Lip Smackers... (Did anyone else absolutely love those? I would lick my lips constantly from the deliciousness they were covered in... yummy...)


It's like a 200,000 square foot closet. With escalators and water fountains and useless crap included! (And I thought Michelle Su's parents' closet at their old house was extravagant.)

I think I would spend a lot of time in Sports Authority. I would rollerskate through the aisles, dribble a soccer ball around the circumference of the store, and sleep in a tent. I bet I would accidentally stab myself with a fishing pole, though... Yeah, probably...

Berlyn would enjoy Bed, Bath, and Beyond... to look for the Beyond, of course. I might visit her often for the massage chairs and all of the As Seen On TV products. Boy, do I want a Slap Chop. Or a Ped Egg to brush people with...

Beyond my fantasy (speaking of fantasy... Fridays are Fantasy Friday at Cowgirls! Berlyn and I went there on our shopping trip on Senior Skip Day and the barista had a smoking hott body! Daaaaaang grrrrrlll!) , though, how great would it be to sneak around and spend a single night in a store? I would love to jump out at people from a display of chips or clothes or soda or something first thing in the morning. (Does that make me a bad person, or just a strange one?)

Or a night in Disneyland... I realize that this is sort of possible for a small fortune, but you sleep in the castle. I want to have the rides up and operating at all hours and just have my friends and me be allowed in past midnight until opening hours. I can hear the fireworks from here every night (I'm in Huntington Beach at the moment) but I can't see them or experience the magic. Imagine living there. Maybe you would get tired of it, but I sure wouldn't. Fake decorations would come to life (only if I wanted them to... I'm not sure if I would like flying multi-colored elephants chasing me through the night), the bakery would majestically be constantly stocked with mouthwatering, fresh bread, and I could just sleep in a freaking tea cup if I so desired.


The mall one was much more common than the Disneyland one.

If I didn't want to go into a life of making a big difference, I would consider working on a cruise ship... I think I would like that. I suppose it would be kind of like living in a real-life fantasy for a while, wouldn't it? With the lights and buffets and booze and friendly people and all...

But maybe all of our lives are a fantasy to someone out there. No matter how much you may think your life sucks and no matter how much time you spend thinking about a magical life, maybe there is someone out there dreaming of living exactly the way you currently live your life.
(I'm sure someone out there is dreaming of having people to miss while on vacation, or making pro and con lists about every little detail of every little decision, or meeting a non-biological twin at the age of 18 to start a blog with...)

Daydreaming probably takes up too much of my time.. but what better do I have to do? Stare intensely at cute people/things and name inanimate objects? I'll just keep to my far-fetched fantasies and you can keep up yours (or start to more often!)

Let me know what you dream of/fantasize about! (Especially if it's about me...)



  1. I posted this at 12:25 on Saturday morning...
    Not 1:25 pm on Friday.

    Just sayin'.

  2. Haha :)

    I like being your non-biological twin that was just recentl discovered.

    Oh hey... I was watching Elousie at the Plaza ( A movie about a little girl who lives in a expensive and HUG hotel...) and I think that would be fun... Living in a hotel like that.
    It would be sooo much better if you lived there with me though. :)

  3. Awww my parents' closet gets a tribute :P ;)
    Berlyn: I had to live at Embassy Suites Hotel for a month - it was awesome!!! But I did miss my home :( Anyways, I've always wanted to live in one of those uber fancy penthouses that hotels/apartments least, I'm pretty sure they have and are trying to pretend they don't >:( But otherwise....YESSSSS KIM you have it!!! BORDERS!!!!! *GASP* that would be... *happy sigh*

    Hehe, I love reading your girls' (can't say guys...but saying girls makes this sentence weird...) posts!! Thank you for fun start to the day :D

  4. Hehehe... Michi :)

    I've wanted to live in Disneyland since I first went there for my 6th birthday... But living in a mall sure sounds amazing. I chose Southcenter from the malls I've been to... I could smell Gilly Hicks whenever I wanted to! But I've always wanted to go to the Mall of America! :) I feel really weird thinking about this... Why can't fantasies come true?

    I want to live in an amazing apartment in an expensive, happening city (Or a really nice 5 bedroom house with columns in a luxurious neighborhood), have all the cute outfits/dresses in the world (like Charlotte from Sex and the City... Fuck you for having the cutest dresses, you NYC whore!), and yet have no responsibilities! Wouldn't that be cool? :P

    Strangely enough, however, my fantasy right now involves jumping forward to September. I have an amazing vacation planned, and I'm going to be living in Bellingham with Jason and friends (like KIM!) for at least 4 years... Actually, I'd like to fast forward to next year when Jason and I can have our own apartment so I can stop being crazy jealous of Sam and Michelle... :)