Saturday, January 29, 2011

Please don't cry over my list...

People deal with being upset in a multitude of ways. It's kind of mind-blowing, really, how different people handle the same types of situations extremely differently from each other. There's crying, retail therapy, yelling, punching walls, distracting yourself, exercising, starting projects... Anything you could POSSIBLY do could be the thing that cheers someone else up. Heck, maybe the light bulb was created because Edison was upset and needed to concentrate on something else to feel better. Probably not... but you never know.

Me? I make lists. I mean, that's definitely not the only thing I do. Sometimes I cry when I'm upset. Sometimes I pretend to be okay. Sometimes (a lot of the time, actually) I write in my journal. Sometimes I write letters to my friends. Sometimes I go for a walk. I do puzzles, play the Sims 3, sleep, make collages, and surround myself with people. These are many of the things I do when I'm upset... but it all depends on why I'm upset, how upset I am, and basically just what I feel like doing.

The only CONSISTENT thing I do every single time I'm upset is make at least one list of some sort. Now, I generally am a list-organizer anyway. You shouldn't assume I'm upset if I'm making a list, because that's probably not the case. But if I'm upset, you better bet I WILL make a

So yesterday I wrote a list of things to do to make me and my friend not upset. (Sorry for all the vagueness... it's necessary. So deal.)
The list goes as follows:

"Things For Us To Do! (You pick.) (As Many As You Want!):
Plays Sims 3
bake! Cookies, cake?! cook soup!!
go to the park (swings)
coffee and tea
"dance" to screamo
Christmas puzzle
make mood playlists and mixed CDs
paint nails
hug. a lot.
write inspirational notes to leave in public places
make fun of Flower
make Postsecret postcards
figure out what the weird red bump on my skin is
NO Facebook. browsing
rent movies at Blockbuster
look at and come up with Porno names
come up with haircut ideas
brainstorm ideas [for my shoes]"

Okay, quick disclaimer: The list was not suggesting we look at porno movies, just that we look at the NAMES of porno movies... because they're really amusing. Also, Flower is my 16-year-old Yorkshire Terrier dog with no front teeth and really squinty eyes.

All of those things are possible ways to cheer yourself up. They may not work for you, but if you need any healthy ways of dealing with being upset for any reason, I believe they are worth a try.

I need to make this a short update (so I may throw in an extra blog post during the week... if that's okay with you, Berlyn... I know how much we like consistency... call me?!) because I need to actually start doing some of the things on this list.

I just want to make it clear to everybody that there is ALWAYS a way to deal with being upset - no matter how upset you are and no matter how much you feel like that feeling will go away. You'd be surprised what seemingly silly things can make you feel better, too, even if that relief is only temporary. I often find myself crying when I'm upset and feeling like that's all I can do. But it's not.

So I'm curious... how do you deal with being upset? Any suggestions for the rest of us? Let me know, and I will write again in a few days most likely.


P.S. I didn't make the list in the photo... but it made me giggle.

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  1. I think cleaning is a major thing for me. I really like cleaning when I'm upset. Cause often times I'll be all pissed and go to make my bed and I'll be stuck cleaning for hours.
    I also like laying on the floor when I'm sad. Don't ask why.... It's weird.
    I used to write poetry but that kind of died as was replaced with typical writing.

    I'm fine with you doing another blog post Kimmy :)