Saturday, January 8, 2011

Did Berlyn say World Domination?

So right now I am sitting in my apartment bored out of my mind.

I'm watching Monk as an encouragement to actually get this blog done, I need some type of noise to keep me going. Human voices, you know?
Yesterday I hung out with friends and it was a lot of fun. Tonight I was supposed to go to the movies but my friends went without me and my other friends don't want to go to the movie that the other group went to. And now the other group is going to a club that
costs 25 dollars. I can't afford that so I'm staying here. Alone. All night.

I mean it's not that I don't have anything to do. I need to finish this blog. Read a script. Read Harry Potter Four and work on a Feature Script.

... What? What did Berlyn say? Did she say feature script?

Yes, Yes I did.

A friend of mine needs to edit a feature to get into an editing fellowship and she liked my writing (and my sparkling personality) enough to ask me to write it for her.
I might even ask if I can direct it.

See. Right now I'm struggling with it because the main character isn't as developed as I normally would like. I used to develope the characters of my stories almost to obsession... Now, I don't know what's gotten into me but I don't much like the main character.

But, from what Julie has read so far she likes it so... That's good.

It's about striving to become famous on youtube. So, it's a good idea. A period piece almost (like the social network and facebook).
(Which by the way will probably win the oscar because it's a period piece but.... I want Black Swan to win (granted I still need to see Blue Valentine, The Kids are Alright, and the Kings Speech)).

Anyways, the feature will probably be pretty cool and I am just over reacting at the moment.

What this feature has done for me is made me realize that I need to be using the internet to my advantage more. I need to be using my twitter, my youtube, my facebook... Everything to my advantage... To get attention.

But the only question is how do I do that in a fashion that will benefit me rather than hurt me (because the internet can do both very well).

First off: Blogging

I have this wonderful blog where all my thoughts and experiences on on record and my writing (though it's not professional writing mind you...) is on display. People can come on here and read a rough version of my writing, of the way I talk, and the type of person I am.
And that's great. I love that this blog provides that oppertunity.

Second off: Facebook

I have a facebook account that is pretty safe. Not too much swearing... No nudity... No stupid things I wouldn't want people to see. So I feel pretty confident in my facebook. Sure, it wouldn't be something I could use in an interview but Facebook is supposed to be a place for friends. So people should understand that. I use facebook to update people on my life and talk to friends. Not to post dirty pictures of myself and pick up men. That's enough right?

Third off: Twitter

I have a twitter account and what I have started to do (As of today) is post paranoid thoughts that come into my head. Often times my paranoia is a good starting point for
stories and it's good to have around. I also think that for a writer an active imagination is a plus. I would not be surprised if my favorite writers and directors were also paranoid.

Fourth: Youtube.
I'm thinking that I will start to write pitches for story ideas or write out short scripts and story board them and show them on youtube. So as I read the pitch or script I would show what the film would look like with mystory boarding. The shots, the look of the characters, the places, and items in the shots.
I think this will be the most benificial to me because it'll not only show my storyboarding skills but my writing ability.

I don't know when I will start this but hopefully it will be soon.

So on top of those things to do on the internet. I might also be helping with a web series. My friend that asked for me to write the feature is doing a web series. She asked if I wanted to help and I told her to keep me informed.

So I guess the theme of this weeks blog is to put yourself out there and use the internet to it's full potential.
I don't know I mean the internet was made to create more ways to reach everyone else. It's a portal to some small, small version of world domination.

And everyone likes world domination... Right?

Anyways. I need to start reading that script and stuff. I also have a few movies that I have yet to watch.

So. Go! Dominate the world :)

... Don't forget about me when you get domination... Kay?

My name is Berlyn and I work out everyday (Well... Not really).

It's weird cause this is about world domination at the end and the last on was about superheros :)


  1. I AGREE! I will locate one as soon as possible.