Saturday, December 25, 2010

And just KICK-ASS!

A story about a dream.

A dream that a girl had a very, very long time when she was just a little girl.

What was this dream?

To be a superhero.

Yes. I have wanted to be a superhero ever since I can remember. It probably started with saturday morning cartoons... Or X-Men... Or the justice league/ teen titans.
.... Who knows when it started... My point it that I used to have this dream (well... Still do)...

So, I used to dream of dressing up in tights and running around saving the city.

Then Kick-Ass came out.

That was one of the best movies I have see in a long time. Mostly because all my dreams came true. I looked at Kick-Ass and Hit Girl and Big Daddy and thought "Oh man.... If only my life could be like this".

And now...

My life is like that.

Yes people. There is a superhero group in Seattle.

Who are they?

The Rain City Superhero Movement.

They dress up in costumes, drive around in a Kia, and fight crime.

The leader's name is Pheonix Jones the Guardian of Seattle (his girlfriend is the one that drives the group around in the Kia).
The rest of the team's names are:

Thorn, Buster Doe, Green Reaper, Gemini, No Name, Catastrophe, Thunder 88, and Penelope.

(Don't listen to Captain Ozone and Knight Owl as they are not part of the group...)

Now, none of these people have powers (unless you call tae kwon doe (I know..... I KNOW!) and military training super powers)but they still go out and fight crime to make Seattle a little bit safer.

I love these guys.

I want to be one of them.
I want to put on tights and wear a cape, and a mask, and KICK ASS!

Moving on... The other day, I was in Seattle with my wife (Anna) and we were hoping to run into them... Unfortunatly we had no such luck.
But we discuss different methods of getting them to us. Like causing havoc or becoming supervillians.

I told this to another friend and they told me that superheros would only lead to supervillians.

But if I was pheonix jones I would not be concerned about 5' 2'' me and 5'0'' Anna running around the town causing havoc.
Besides... We would look so cute in our superhero costumes that no one would ever be terrified of us.

If some crazy terminator type walked into town and blew up a building... I would be scared. But that's what the military is for.
So what if supervillians waltz onto the scene. They are just like the heros... They don't have an upper hand unless they have a bazooka.

I think.

Instead of worrying about the problems that these heros COULD cause.... Lets just celebrate them.

I mean. Did you know that there is a law that can get you arrested if you do not help out when someone is in danger? So that means that somewhere along the line someone watched as another person (or persons) was hurt. Then they made this law because it's not just that one person... It's a lot of persons.

A lot of people who just sit and watch as other people are hurt.

Why do we have to critisize people for putting themselves in danger to protect others. They don't put on the costumes and follow police scanners brainlessly.
They KNOW the danger they are in and they don't care.
Because protecting others is more important than standing off to the side too scared to help.

I respect these "vigilantes" for what they really are... Heros.

So. Seattle readers. Let's celebrate them. Lets give them a cheer whenever we pass them on the streets.
Non-Seattle readers.... You should start something like them in your town... Because it feels AWESOME to have superheros.

I only hope that one day I will have the guts to put on a costume and go out onto the streets and fight crime.
I hope you all feel the same way too.

-My name is Berlyn Lee and I work out everyday....

P.S. I was going to post a picture of me in a super hero outfit but my mom wouldn't buy me the Mens Flash underwear........


Favorite Quote from HP book 2:

“We’ve trained harder than they have, we’ve been flying in all weathers--“ (“Too true,” muttered George Weasley. “I haven’t been properly dry since August”).”

AND Book 3:

“Keep him?” He said uncertainly. He looked closely at the owl for a moment; the, to Harry’s and Hermione’s great surprise, he held him out for Crookshanks to sniff.

“What do’you reckon?” Ron asked the cat. “Definitely an owl?”

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