Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hey, turn that power back on!

So I was going to write about something completely different, but recent events changed my mind.

The power is out.
I. Hate. This.

I'm hoping that I can finish typing this before my laptop's battery dies. Yay for my 90-100 wpm count finally meaning something, I guess? Though I type faster than my mind works so who knows if it will do me any good...

So I was laying in bed listening to the crazy wind at 4:20 am when the power went out. First sign that it went out? The oxygen bubbles for my fish tank stopped. GREAT. The lady at Petco said they should only go two hours without the bubbles... It's been almost four now. There's nothing I can do though. When my mom and I went to our regular coffee stand, Angie, our favorite barista, suggested that I blow bubbles into the tank using a straw. I'd do that if human breath didn't contain carbon dioxide. (It is dioxide, right? Not monoxide? I think it's C02... and di is 2... ahhh whatever, this isn't Chemistry) So basically I just have to sit here and hope they're okay. (Oh yeah, I have fish, too. I wasn't really worried about them plotting against me until I read Berlyn's last post. Thanks, love.)

Every time the power goes out I remember how dependent I am on energy (hah... not just electricity but also my body's energy... carbs and caffeine and... er, too many tangents? kay.) and whenever I'm living with power, I don't really think about it at all.

My plan was to get up at 7 am. I was going to TAKE A SHOWER. Kind of hard to do when you can't see what you're doing. I don't want to pour body wash on my hair and shave with shampoo. Plus, I'd probably cut my leg off with my disposable razor ('cuz it's just that good of a clean shave!). While my hair was air drying for a bit, I was going to clean. I was going to VACUUM. Self-explanatory, I think. Can't really plug that monster in. I was going to tidy up my room! I can probably still do that, though... with candles around. Yeah, I'll do that when I'm done here. But I was going to get all cute for my friends I'm seeing today. Giving me eyeliner with all the lights ON is still like handing a toddler a package of Sharpies, so letting me try to do that in the dark is probably not a good idea... Oh boy.

At least our coffee stand has power. I don't know what I'd do without my coffee this morning. I'd probably be having four panic attacks an hour because none of my plans are possible at this moment. See, the friends that are coming over today (in about three or three and a half hours, actually) have not been to my house before. They have not been to my town before. So the entire day is planned. They (Michelle and Ashley) are going to drive to my house from Kirkland. I'll quickly show them my house, because I've had the opportunity to see both of their houses, and then we'll drive over to Samber's house. We'll see her new puppy and hang out there for a bit. Then we're supposed to show them around Lake Tapps, Sumner, and Auburn. Christmas shopping at the SuperMall (the name is false advertising) and maybe some little shops in Sumner are on our agenda. Then maybe we'll go back to Samber's house to get ready for tonight, I don't know. But anyway, our friend Karissa is having an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party tonight. It's in Port Orchard and the four of us girls are going. After that, it's sleepover time at Samber's.

Good thing Samber has power. I think so, anyway. We drove past her neighborhood on the way to get coffee and there appeared to be power. So she's going to be all cute and I might still be in my pajamas and dinosaur hoodie. Fabulous.

Sorry I'm whining like a little kid. I just really want the power to come back on. Our society has really become so reliant on technology, but I'd gladly hand over my cell phone and Wii to be able to see what I'm doing while I take a shower and simply get ready for the day. You know, little kids don't even need their parents to read to them anymore? Hand them a new technological book and it freaking reads to the kid when they touch a fake pen to it. What happens when they THINK they know how to read and a teacher hands them a real book? "Where's the pen? Where's the speaker?" Fahrenheit 451 images are spinning through my mind. Oh boy.

I could take a turn and make this about technology dependence, but I don't have enough battery life to finish typing all those thoughts. Funny, isn't it? (I think it's also ironic, but that word gets used incorrectly all the time and I don't want to be another violator.) I can't write about technology dependence because I don't have enough technology right now. har har har.

Well, the battery symbol is blinking at me so I guess that's my cue to wrap this up. I like power. I want my power back (heh, authority power as well. Maybe. Dance, puppets, dance! Wow, okay, I'm really weird this morning...) so I can do all the things I had planned to do. I'm going to go clean my room now using candlelight. I hope you guys have power! If you do, send me your good thoughts so I can shower.


PS. Don't comment about generators. I don't want to hear it.

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  1. Sorry I made you nervous about your fishes dear. I just moved mine to a new tank and she is NOT happy.