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Oh, Hey... My name's Berlyn and I'm not really pregnant.

Well, friends.... As you may have noticed... It is not Saturday. BUT I honestly have to explainationas to why I did not do the blog yesterday so I'm just going to move on and start with this:


Yes, yes. It is good old Hallows Eve. And though none of the festivities have started yet (as it is 12:33 pm) I want to have a fun chat with all of you (my dear friends) about Halloween.
I feel the blog needs to celebrate all the A
merican Holidays... Because this is American
and here we celebrate the American holidays like Americans to be true Americans in America.
... Oh. My. God.


Halloween, according to another dear friend of mine (Wikipedia), was first celebrated in many old festivals. However, it is mostly derived from the Gaelic festival of SAMHAIN (I capitalized it because if I was standing in front of you I would have screamed it... Apparently). This festival celebrated the end of the harvest season. They belived that on October 31st the spirits in Middle Earth (Where spirits
and deceased reside) would break through the boundries and wreak havoc (like destroying crops... Hence the end of the harvest season... Why they CELEBRATED this... I have no idea...). This festival often had bonfires
and people would wear masks... Which is where dr
essing up came in.

And that is your history lesson for the day.

No lets talk about something that everyone loves...
Blood and guts!

I'm going to start with Harry Houdini.. The man
who could escape from anything. Were you aware he died on Halloween?
Eleven days before Halloween, Houdini told a student that he could withstain any blow above the waist. However, when the student began to hit Houdini he ended up rupturing his appendix... Which later led to Houd
ini's death.

... I find it Ironic... But then again I find almost everything ironic (because I'm a cynic).

Since I'm having trouble finding information on halloween deaths.... I'll just talk about creepy stuff that I know off the top of my head.
I used to be obsessed with old ghost shows so... This is how I know all of this junk.

The winchester mansion...

That lovely. GIGANTIC place....
The story on this house is that the woman's husband and daughter (I think...) died very close together and left the wife all alone. According to Mrs. Winchester spirits in the house told her that if she did not continue to build on to the house she would face the same fate. So for many years she would travel every night to the same room and speak to the spirits. And during all this time she had construction go on her house. This continued until her death and at that point construction just stopped.
Now the house is a tourist attraction. With it's stairways that lead no where and doors that could end in an awful fall this house is an amazing sight... Not to mention the spirits that are seen and heard around every corner.

Stairway to nowhere... Doorway to nowhere

Another place that I have heard about is, of course, the amittyville horror house where an entire family was murdered in the night by the oldest son because the voices in his head told him to do it. I know everyone knows about this story so I won't dwell on but, the new people that moved in were haunted by various things. Windows would open in the night, furniture would move about and there was always a feeling that something was there. Something they didn't want around. Which eventually lead to the new family leaveing the house. Leaving all of their belongings behind and never coming back. The Amittyvile Horror House is in the picture below........
Next. I'll talk about a little Hollywood. Black Dahlia was a young actress trying to make it in
Hollywood. She was young and beautiful, she was called Black dahlia because of the black flowers she would often wear in her hair. She was doing pretty well for a young actress when she was abducted and murdered.
One morning a mother was walking her baby past a road-side ditch when her attention was drawn to, what looked like, a dismantled maniken... Only to find out that it was not a maniken at all but, Black Dahlia's dismantled body.
Police said that Black Dahlia was drugged, tied up in a bath tub and cut to pieces while she was still very much awake.
They never did find the murderer.
Black Dahlia

Well... I think you have all had enough of that. Let's talk about a little Berlyn History.

When my brother and I were little there were always two costumes. Pumpkin and cat.

When I was two I dressed as a pumpkin, and then following that year I dressed up as a cat for a good few years. The pumpkin suit (so embarrassing but I look forward to the day when I can dress my babies up as fruits and vegetables) was a pumpkin-shaped jumpsuit that the body of a toddle would fit in. And then, to top it off... the pumpkin top would be tied to your head with a string.
The eventual death of this costume was when the string to the top fell off and my brother and I refused to wear it.
The cat costume was all-black clothing, cat ears, and a tail, with some makeup to bring the look to it's fullest.
The costume was eons more cool than the pumpkin. My brother was even a cat once. But then we grew out of it.
My broth eventually go a ZORO costume and I became a vampire. Let me tell you... My brother was the cutest little thing in a Zoro costume with a tiny fake mustache... Freakin adorable.
There was a lady bug costume somewhere in between but I don't have the faintest idea when it came into my life. Or when it left.

Then, we grew out of dressing up... Like most kids do... However, recently I have been longing for a reason to buy a Hit Girl costume... Or dress up in general. Next year, I plan on being hit girl. This year... However, I am Juno, again.
Which is alway fun because some people get it and others ask me how long until I give birth and totally ignore the giant jug of sunny D in my hand.

"Oh yeah... I'm eggo preggo and I just decided to bring this sunny D along for the ride..."

Moving on.

My favorite Horror movie is Silence of Lambs... If you have not seen silence of the lambs I recomend you rent it RIGHT NOW and watch it TONIGHT... It's a great movie with the MOST EPIC ESCAPE EVER... Trust me.
However, It's not so much scary as it is thrilling.
I think the movies that have scared me the most over the years were Paranormal Activity, The Ring, and Polterguist (granted I was thirteen at the time I watched it). I say they scare me the most because of the after affect... Not the moment in the movie.
For example. When I watched the Ring I was fine, it wasn't that scary.. Just thrilling. Then I went home and screamed because the TV was on static.
As for Paranormal Activity... I slept with the lights on.

I've seen a lot of scary movies, not many are good but they are fun to watch.

I used to go to and rent scary movies with my friend Jenny. When we saw the Grudge, which she really did not want to see, we left and were a little freaked out. I was fine after but I got a call from Jenny the next day which went a little like this:

"I hate you so much! I was in the shower this morning and I got so scared I mixed my shampoo and conditioner together in my palm and got out of the shower as fast as I could!"

Of course, I laughed.

Pretty. Damn. Hard.

I think The Grudge (though slightly stupid) scared a lot of people. I remember hearing my friends freak out about phone calls they would get with the noise from the grudge. They would flip. It was pretty fun to watch an entire generation freak each other out about a stupid movie.. Well in my opinion.

However, if you don't like scary movies... I reccomend Scream. Such a good movie. It's funny, creepy, and gory. If you haven't seen it you need to.
Or you could watch KillJoy. Which is the stupidest scary movie... The bad guy is a black clown.
Seriously. The last line is:

"That was some GOooooooooooD pussy!"

Followed by a scream.

That's the truth.

I think what I love most about Halloween is that was traditionally a time for weirdos and normal people to come together and celebrate the same thing. Wether that be alchohol or candy or a scary movie at midnight (I guess it depends on the age). Halloween is a terrific thing.
I meat a girl recently named Rose, she is an international student from Quaid (I. Can't. Spell.) who was never aloud to celebrate Halloween. Her and her friends could never dress up and paty because they could be arrested. So she was so excited because she could finally dress up. I thought this was amazing. I mean, we all take Halloween for granted because in American you can do close to anything you want (sure our freedom is not FREEDOM but you can still celebrate all the holidays you want or follow any religion you want or love anyone you want).
We all "Grow out of" Halloween. But once you reach a certain age you miss it. You start to look at all the adult costumes, find those Halloween costume parties, put away money for that perfect outfit for next year. But you never will apprieciate it in the same way. I know plenty of girls who use Halloween as an excuse to be a slut. But Halloween is not for that. It is yet another way to celebrate your freedom. So celebrate :) Have fun... But be safe.

I hope you all enjoyed this late blog and I hope you all have a good halloween. Make your own costume and bring attention to yourself. Keep people guessing and don't let a good time pass you by.
Love you all.
(Again) Be safe.


P.S. If you haven't already, my friend Ryan and I made a Halloween video that won second place at the school's festival.
Here's the link :) Happy Halloween.

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