Saturday, October 9, 2010

Happy Birthday! Here's... uhm... a rock.

Gift giving is a very serious thing in my eyes. What you get somebody can send a message as to how you feel about them, and I tend to silently (and sometimes not so silently) freak out about what to get people. I actually remember the first piece of advice I ever received about picking out a present for somebody. I was with my mommy when I was little, trying to pick out something for my then-best-friend Kelsey, when my mom said something along the lines of “ You should pick out something YOU would want and then figure out if she would like it too.” That’s generally what I try to keep in mind when I shop for most people, but I tend to think about a LOT while deciding on the “perfect” gift.

I also think about what kind of message certain gifts can send to the other person. One scene of Gilmore Girls stays in my mind. Rory and Lane were discussing the significance of gifts and Lane said, “Remember two years ago, I got my mom that perfume? Okay, to me that said, ‘Hey Mom, you work hard, you deserve something fancy.’ Now to my mother, it said, ‘Hey Mom, here's some smelly sex juice, the kind I use to lure boys with.’”

One of my worst jobs giving a present was a few years ago. I got my friend Andee some of my favorite smelling perfumes (Lucky… mmm… get Lucky with Lucky? I dunno, but it still smells delicious) and a huge bag of yummy Lifesavers. In my mind, I was saying “Here’s a birthday present from me. I’m so Lucky to have you as my Lifesaver.” But she opened it and said “Are you trying to tell me something? Perfume and breath mints? Do I smell bad?” FACEPALM. Didn’t even think of that.

But I got my brother some fifty dollar Abercrombie Fierce cologne and he really liked it. He didn't think I was telling him that he stunk. Maybe that's just because he's a boy.

Presents can mean a lot to boys as well, though. My ex-boyfriend and currently really good friend really appreciated two of the gifts I got him, at least. One was a Build-a-Bear named Meason. Meason was (and I think still is) treated like almost like a living being. I've never been so happy about giving someone a gift as I was after I gave Meason to James. I also made a fleece blanket for James one Christmas and he still uses it. I love giving gifts that people use constantly or over and over again.

I also freak out that I'm going to do a bad job or get them something they hate. That's why it can take me hours and hours to pick out a gift sometimes. Like, what do you buy for an ex-boyfriend? A new friend you don't know very well? The friend who has enough money to buy anything they want or need? Someone you don't even really like but were invited to their party? Someone you haven't seen for a long time? I DON'T KNOW!! I dread the day where I have in-laws to give presents to. Oh my goodness.

I still haven't even gotten Berlyn a birthday present, and her birthday was in September. I've known something I've wanted to get her for months now, but I'm nervous that she'll already have it or not think it's as great as I do, so I've held back. Whyyy? And Bri and I didn't get each other birthday friends, and I have no idea why. We're really good friends so it's kind of strange.

Jaden gave me a gorgeous sterling silver necklace with opal in it in middle school. I wore that necklace almost every single day until it broke in junior year. I've never got more compliments on anything I own as I did with that necklace. It's one of my favorite presents I've gotten. I remember Jaden told me she spent all her allowance money on it, and that meant so much to me and made me like it even more because it was a sign of friendship (or something cheesy like that. haha.)

Valentine's Day presents tend to be the least creative, I think. Here's a teddy bear. Or some flowers that will die next week. Or some really crappy tasting chocolate. Yayyy...? I actually got a good Valentine's Day present this past year, though. My boyfriend of the time made me a necklace in his Jewelry class and it was really pretty. I still wear it sometimes because he did such a good job and it reminds me of how happy I was that day and how happy I can be again some day.

With all that I'm learning at college, though, there is a nonexistent class I would like to take. How To Give The Perfect Gift 103. Yup. I would be first to sign up.

Anyone want to be my professor? Or just give some advice on tricky gift situations? Or share some good or bad gifts you've given and received? Go right ahead!

Love you all (my love is my gift to you... embrace it.),


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  1. :) I love you Kim.

    I have the same problem with giving gifts. I think my favorite time giving gifts was a secret pal thing for a musical and Sarah was my secret pal. I got her a big ugly sweater every day and she was so excited every time.

    Other than that I freak out, wait till the last minute and pull my hair out. I hate gift cards so often I buy people something that will help with the next step in their life.......