Saturday, June 11, 2011

One down, three to go.

So I just finished my first year of college.

Boy, am I exhausted.

It seriously went by wayyy faster than I thought it would. I'm pretty sure all of college is just going to fly past me... Then what? The future is a complete mystery to me, and as excited as I am for it, I am also terrified. But I'm not going to think about that right now.

I'm not going to lie, this year did not go exactly as I had thought it would. There were a lot more downs than I predicted, but I also made more solid friendships than I thought I would. I didn't go into the year thinking I would make a solid group of friends. I didn't imagine I would love all the girls in my hallway. Whether it be dancing ridiculously in my room with Danielle, going out to Thai food and having in-depth discussions with Cait, giggling with Sam, thinking the same ridiculous things as Rakia ALL THE TIME, silently relating to the lovely Karissa more than I thought could be possible, venting and joking with Michelle, being equally pleased with cleaning supplies as Ashley, constantly being scared and then amused when Rachael would open the bathroom door at the same time as me, never knowing what Teila, Arianna, and Megan would do next, or having nighttime hallway parties and being a "unit" with Brenna... I found a lot of time to laugh and have fun in between the moments of stress.

I gained something I didn't know was an option for me: a support system.
I gained a group I could go to when I was freaking out, and they would act appropriately (either comfort me and give me advice or slap me silly if I wasn't being reasonable).
I gained a group I could confide in at small groups.
I gained knowledge, love, and hope.
I gained best friends.

Also, I had absolutely the best RA I could have asked for. Savanah is truly amazing. Her genuinely caring nature and her enthusiasm for residents' involvement was what made the biggest difference to me living in Alpha. She became my role model there, and I aspire to be as inspiring as she is. Whenever the stress of college life even started to dig at me, I had my RA and the rest of the girls in my hall to liven my spirits. This is something I would have deeply regretted missing if I hadn't lived in the residence halls, and I'm so thankful I got the experience.

And when I needed to escape my dorm building, I had even more friends outside. I gained Ashley H as a (best) friend, and she's even going to live in the same apartment as me. I met Kathleen, who I'm sure I will remain close with next year. I hung out with James all the time and even got to know his super cool roommate, Noah (who, in case you were wondering, is super good at card tricks, juggling, and rapping. He also sings, plays the guitar, and is smart. SO COOL. Okay, anyway, moving on...). Plus, I had my lovely high school friends :)

Not surprisingly, I had a ton of awkward moments. Perhaps the most embarrassing was when I told Karissa's brother that he was "nice to look at" and that I "didn't mind" his company. Then I ran away.


Anyway, this is kind of just a ramble-fest... So I'mma go.
To those of you who just completed your first year of college as well, congrats. Now let's have fun this summer!



  1. You rock, Kim! Even though you had a tough year, you made the best of it, and that's truly incredible. :) -Kathleen

  2. I miss you kimmy :) I wish I could have had a college experience with you. And I wish we had talked more. That should be our goal for next year... Talking more. I will see you over the summer my love :)