Saturday, May 7, 2011

"If you can sit happy with embarrassment, there's not much else that can really get to ya."

So as I was sitting down to get some work done, three of my hallmates yelled my name and asked me to join them in making a music video. Out of curiosity, I wandered to Ashley's room and asked what they were talking about. Upon entering the room I heard "My Chicky" by t.a.T.u and was automatically unnerved. Uhh... No way am I going to be in a "music video" for that song... I'll make a fool out of myself.

This is a common thought for me. I often don't do things because I don't want to embarrass myself or look like an idiot. But then I thought about it. I wouldn't think they were stupid for doing the music video, so why not just join in on the fun for once?

I'll admit the four of us did look absolutely ridiculous, but oh. my. goodness. SO MUCH FUN. We all put on an insane amount of makeup and wrapped scarves on our heads (We wanted to dress-up... and using scarves was the first thing that came to mind.) to prepare for the video. We got pretty into it, really... We practiced the choreography for the first part for a good twenty minutes. Then we decided to improvise the rest. (Basically how I live my life. Plan longer than necessary at first and then say "the Hell with it!" and go with the flow.)

I think I needed to let loose like that. I know I've written about taking risks, but this is different. This is based on a different kind of fear. In my mind, it's like there's a giant microscope on me, inspecting every little flaw and mistake. Aware as I am that this is not true, it's hard to shake the feeling. I watch people have fun and be silly and unless I am EXTREMELY comfortable around that person (five people fit this category for me, and that's including my brother and mother) I very rarely allow myself to let loose like that. It's just too terrifying.

I don't really know where this fear of making a fool out of myself stems from. Nothing really happened (or at least not that I'm aware of) that traumatized me because of embarrassment. I've just always been so scared. That's a huge reason of why I have such a hard time meeting people. By drawing any sort of attention to myself, I'm opening up the door to judgement. It's not really a realistic way to live, but... It is how it is. I should try to change it. And hey, maybe I am. I DID make a dance music video with my friends. Improvement?

There was something I did six years ago, however, that was also out of character for a girl who's so hesitant to make a fool out of herself... I remember running the indoor mile in seventh grade with my best friend Jaden and discussing how much we wanted to watch the talent show tryouts the next day. The school did not, however, allow students to watch the tryouts unless they were trying out themselves. Talentless, we didn't know what to do. Then we decided that we should just go up the stage, play an upbeat song, and just dance around like idiots. We were certain we could not make it into the talent show, but hey, we'd be able to watch the tryouts! But as we continued planning, a better idea came to us... Why not make it a comedy act? We'd probably still not make it, but it was worth a try, right? We called ourselves Peggy and Penelope and pretended we had a dance workout video. Then we danced. Like idiots. To "All The Small Things" by Blink-182. And we made it.

Ridiculous! But we had SO much fun. I just remember how surprised people were that I was up there. Quiet, shy, I-only-care-about-school Kim was in the talent show with Jaden, letting loose and being... weird. The best thing was how surprised my mom was. But in that surprise, there was also something that seemed like pride. She bought me a milkshake afterward because she was so excited that I did something like that.

So tonight I did not get a milkshake for putting myself out there, and I was not on stage in front of a large amount of people, but I'm kind of proud of myself. Yeah, that may seem silly to anyone else, but I don't really care. I let loose and I feel happy about it. It's an improvement for me. Fear of feeling foolish is not something I need to cloud my life with. I feel like I've traveled back to seventh grade - back to the night I made my mother excited for me. And I think I deserve a milkshake for that.


P.S. Sorry for my absence as of lately... I've been dealing with some stuff. All good now! Much thanks to my non-biological twin Berlyn for understanding :)


  1. Love you Kimmy :)

    And I remember seeing you and Jaden at the talent show. I thought you guys were terrific :)

  2. I share some of your fears (at almost 75) but I still love to be silly (even if I am by myself). I want to see your latest video and the one with Jaden in the 7th grade. Luv U from Grandma Sandy