Saturday, April 30, 2011

An Ode to Kim

I felt this was needed.

Dear Kim,

As your unbiological-twin, my twin senses are tingling. I wish, more than anything, that I could come home and see you. I miss you. And I feel like the two of us have a lot to talk about. I feel like we're going through similar things and trying too hard to work through them on our own. But since I can't be there I just wanted to show you how much I love you... I thought I would do so through playlist. So get on youtube Kimmy and be prepared to listen to songs...

P.S. Start the song before you read. Promise?

5 years time - Noah and the Whale

I love this song. Because it's happy. It makes me smile, and I hope you smile. I miss seeing your smile. I miss hearing your laugh. Like how we laughed when we had an alien baby. Or how we laughed when you caught that grape in your mouth. Or how we laughed at awkward family photos.
Also, if you think about it. In five years, the two of us (hopefully) won't be poor college kids and we will be able to see each other more often. I promise. Hopefully I'll be able to come home for long periods of time and write from there... Then I could see you.
On top of all of that. All of the problems we have currently have will look silly. And if that's not enough... Well... At least we'll be onto a different set of problems. Hopefully those problems will be easier to overcome than these.

Folding Chair - Regina Spektor

I did a video where my friend steals her neighbor's baby and this song was so funny in the background because when it got to "and have a baby boy" it's a close up shot of the baby comming home from the hospital. I thought it was pretty funny. I laughed really hard.

But this song makes me think of when we're together. It's such a bubbly, happy song... And all because two people are sitting besideeachother in folding chairs. Sure. They talk about getting married and having a baby and all kinds of things like that... But we've talked about having babies... Maybe not the getting married part but definitly the babies. Adopted babies. Alien babies. Kimberlyn Jr. (ish) babies... Yeah.

Holding on - Alex Day (Nerimon On Youtube)

This song isn't here because it's happy and bouncy. It's here because once upon a time it used to mean a lot to me. It used to help me think about everything after the hard times. Everything good that was to come if I held on. You're not trapped or alone, you're
Also, I used to think Alex Day was super cute.
But I always saw the purpose. That if you hold on, keep moving... Everything will be fine.

Time to Pretend - MGMT

I love this song. Especially because it starts with a boiling sound... Which really confused Swenson's AP Lit class after our video on A Doll House, which I edited. Yep. I think it says exatly what you and I ignore every day of our lives. That we need to live and be happy cause we only have so much time. Sometime I forget and I work a little too hard, worry a little too much, cry a little too long.
But I feel like one day we could live on the edge, try new things and such... Without worries. Well... We can hope anyways.

Little Lion Man - Mumford and Sons

Mostly because they are my new favorite band... I love this song. I guess the reason it's on this list because it's a song, to me at least, about not taking yourself too seriously. Not getting too caught up in what's going on with your life. I do it. I remember when I had that fight after the 48 hour and all I wanted was to get home, get away. There was no way I could deal with it here. Which... Wasn't true. I could have... But I decided not to.

Anyways Kim...
I know this is not the best playlist you have ever seen. And I really didn't say anything inspiring... I just rambled a lot.
But I guess the main thing you need to know is that... Well, that I love you and that I will always be here for you, no matter what.
I think that, in another life, we were supposed to be sisters... Something like that. I know that even if we stopped talking we would always start off where we left off. But I would never do that. I don't want to stop talking to you.

I want to always be there for you... And I hope you'll be there for me.

I love you Kimmy.

- Berlyn

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