Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Your titles are always more interesting than mine...


I still remember eighth grade graduation when we both, somehow, ended up in the girls bathroom in tears... Or mostly in tears. Somewhere in the universe, some force suggested: "Hey, there are some girls on Earth that should meet... One is named Kimberly and the other is named Berlyn." And that forces friend could have only responded like this: "Hey, did you notice that if you take off the Kim and add an N to what is left it's Berlyn? So when you put them together you get KimBerlyn... Like it's meant to be..."
So there we were in that bathroom. Crying about our stupid friends. And our futile attempts to be adults. And our shitty eighth grade lives. And all we said to eachother was: "Are you okay?"
Every year since that one moment I have wondered what friendship we would have had if we had spent the entire dance in the bathroom talking and bonding... Would we be tighter than we are now or would we still just be Kim and Berlyn instead of KimBerlyn?
Well... To be truthful. I am SO happy that we waited until this year to get this close. I mean, if we had become friends any sooner than we may have never realized KimBerlyn... Or had that scary car ride to the southcenter mall where both of us were nearly in tears... Or watched Zoolander... Or killed ants on your floor... Or even had this blog.
I'm rambling....
I guess what I am trying to say is that I am so happy that we finally started talking this year and that we are such good friends.
I have never had anyone I could talk to about all my little weird quirks and stuff until we became friends. You understand how weird I am and you have similar qualities.
I love you Kim and I cannot wait for the next chapter in our lives... It will be epic and we will keep in touch because we are pretty much twins... It will be hard... But we'll have this blog and that will make it easier to keep in touch... Or at least that is my hypothesis...
I'm kind of hyper-ventalating so I'm going to stop typing now :)
Love you,

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