Saturday, September 3, 2011


So... Today should be interesting. My roommate Julie is doing her final project for Teen Films where her and I will be clicking through channels and showing up in random teen films. How do we do this? Green screen of course.

Unfortunatly, neither of us have showered and we're supposed to be in front of a greenscreen in about twenty minutes so I'll make this brief.

The idea is that we get sucked into teen films and kind of have our own experience in them. I think it's a cool idea. The only thing that sucks is the fact that it's all so rushed.

Anyways. We have two piles of movies that Julie and I are going to be placed in. Everything from The Breakfast Club to Scott Pilgrim. Julie and I have never acted before in front of a greenscreen... We haven't rehearsed... And Julie's barely ever worked with green screen... So this should be a pretty interesting project.

Two girls are bored out of their minds and decide to watch TV and acidentally use a magical remote. From there we hop from movie to movie in search of something cool. When we finally return Julie gives a speech about the importance of teen films and then we return to being bored. I know, it's a well-thought-out-concept. But it's mostly for fun and to avoid writing a paper.

I, on the other hand have finished all my homework assignments and only have tests awaiting me. You see, I've been spending this week, almost addictivly finishing my homework ASAP so I can have a chance to breath before I get on that plane on Saturday then 10th. Because, that's right, I'm coming home :) I'm pumped. I almost wish I had a remote to transport me there now. THIS IS WHY EVERY HOME SHOULD BE EQUIPPED WITH A TELEPORTATION DEVICE! Why doesn't anybody listen to me?

My brains a little all over the place at the moment because in a few minutes I need to jump in the shower and get ready super fast to be on screen and that sucks because I want to look good but I have a bad feeling. Then after shooting we're going to go to a movie (don't be afraid of the dark) and then come back here and hopefully finish up writing the first season of flat so that while I'm home I can show everyone the screenplays and get everyone excited... While Julie talks to producers and gets auditions all set up.

... I'm having second thoughts about this twelve episodes thing. I feel like it should be more like twenty-four or something. I don't know. What do you guys think?

Alright. I should stop writing now and get ready to jump in the shower. I feel like Julie's close to finishing.

Love you all, and to my friends in Washington... I should be home very very soon and I am so incrediblt excited to see all of you :)

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