Sunday, January 8, 2012


Everybody's been there.

You're on a road trip and the car breaks down in the middle of no where. Or you take the wrong bus and end up in a place you didn't mean to end up in. Or you're on a cruise ship and you fall over board and end up swimming to some uncharted island. Or, you're on a plane and it crashes and you and a whole mess of people end up an island that has healing powers and keeps an evil force that could destroy the world from escaping...

Like I said, everybody's been there.

And everybody has been asked, at least once in their life, that if the situation arose what would be the one thing you would want with you if you were stranded (my pillow). Or, if you were stranded and could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be (grilled cheese and tomato soup).

But I've, personally, never been asked who I would want with me most if I was stranded somewhere.

Have you ever considered that? If you could choose anybody to be stranded with you who would it be? Would it be your best friend? Your dog? Your mother? My roommate was just discussing the five different people that she would be fine being stuck with and it got me thinking: Who would be the five people I would be okay with being stuck with?

This isn't an easy question. It's loaded. You want your best friend with you for company... But can they build a fire? Can they find a way out? Who knows.

Anyways. I haven't thought much about it but here is my top five and why. Keep in my

5. My Brother
I love the kid but I never get to see him, and we never talk. I feel like if I had to choose someone to be stuck on an island with and all my other choices were busy on a different island, being stuck with him wouldn't be so bad. It would be a way to bond and grow closer through trying to survive. If I had to be stuck on an island and lose all that time, I would at least like to be spending it with someone I love and haven't had a chance to really talk to lately. We would get to leave the island as not just brother and sister but friends. Not to mention, he's much bigger and stronger than I am. If I was stuck on an island with him I have a feeling the chances of surviving would be much higher.

4. My Roommate/Best Friend
Most of the people that are from Washington that read this blog aren't going to know who this person is. But since moving for college I have made a great friend with a girl named Julie. We write our "webseries" together and have done a number of projects together (check out my youtube channel, "Bleelovely"). I wouldn't mind being stuck on an island with her because we make each other laugh. Those of you that do know me personally, I can get very panicked very fast... So it would be nice to have someone who I can laugh with about everything. I imagine us being reunited with our families and having weird inside jokes... "I hate coconut! Not the taste, the consistency" (watch Zombieland people). People would be taking our vitals and asking us how we survived and we would just be laughing and telling them how we have THE BEST idea for a short film.
Not to mention, Julie and I could figure out a problem if we put our heads together. I'm not saying we would be good at escaping an island. But if we were trapped on the freeway in the desert or lost... We would be able to find a way to survive and still laugh about it in the end.
We were joking a moment ago (and she gave me permission to say this) that it would be great fun to be trapped somewhere together unless Julie was on her period. She kind of, sort of, hates me when her Aunt Flo is in town. So I can imagine us on the side of the road with a flat tire and her bringing up all the stupid little disagreements we've had as I try to fix the tire and feel like a terrible person. I can only imagine the island situation... "Julie, will you help me attack this Wild Boar?" "I thought you were the almighty vegetarian! Oh no! I can't eat meat!! And have you forgotten?! I'm jewish!" "You eat pork all the time!" "I hate you!" Yeah. That would be hell.

3. My Twin
Even though I feel like the combination of two paranoid people probably isn't going to have the best results... I love Kim. And I feel like we haven't had enough time to really talk about things and hang out since high school. We used to be so close, we don't talk that often currently because of school and stress... When we come home for breaks we have time to hang out and watch movies and talk. Being stuck on an island would probably drive us mad but we would be able to talk about all the things we haven't gotten a chance to thus far. It's like spy kids four... Our greatest fear has come true... We are losing time.
I feel like if we were trapped anywhere we would find a way out of it. And if we couldn't... We would lose our minds, probably around the same time. We are KimBerlyn. Our names match up almost perfectly so we're bound to have a grand old time together until the end of it.
Love you Kimmy and I miss seeing you every day at fourth period.

2. The Boyfriend
You all knew it was coming. "Berlyn has a boyfriend" he's bound to be on the list. You're right. I'm sorry. I love the bloke and spending time on an island with him... Doesn't sound half bad. Granted we would be starving.
Living in a long distance relationship SUCKS. S-U-C-K-S. So spending any amount of time with Axl sounds nothing short of awesome. I would prefer to spend it going to the movies or watching "Storage Wars" but I'll take stabbing fish with a spear on a deserted island if I had to.
I keep saying the island thing. I don't mean to. Be stranded could mean anything. I feel like the island or getting "lost" would be the less stressful of the bunch. Axl and I have had enough car troubles to last us a life time. We would avoid the most grumpiness towards each other if we got on the wrong bus and stepped off in a town that we had never been to.
Also, not only do I love the guy, he has a history of lifting weights and he loves me. I would be safer with him there then by myself. I'm not saying I need him, I'm just saying I'd be less likely to be eaten by a wild boar.

1. My Mother
I know. I said Julie is my best friend and Kim's my twin... But my mom is a probably an even more apparent representation of that. My mom and I have been through thick and thin together and we always find a way to have fun. I love her and, again, she's a person I don't get to see often enough. If I could be stuck with anyone it would be her. We would be able to laugh the whole way through and when we got home we would just be closer.
Also, she was raised by two of thegreatest people I know... My grandparents. My grandpa know everything there is to know about nature. My Grandma is funny and quick witted. And they are both incredibly intelligent and kind people. So with my mom I get the best of both worlds. All of what she got from her parents... And everything else that is great about her. She's nice, funny, and friendly. Also, she's strong as hell (first bad word guys... It's a record) because she's a massage therapist. And she's a massage therapist.... And she's the most determined person I know... Especially when it comes to the people she loves.
I know with her, we wouldn't be stuck for very long.

Well. That's it. That's the list and why. Unfortunately I can't fit all the people I love on a list of five but if I was stuck with any of my friends I would be happy. I love all of them, anybody who has donated a part of their life to be my friend is someone that I would go to the ends of the earth to make happy.
I think that being stuck somewhere is not always bad. It can turn out good. You can leave a better person... Or with a better relationship. Always shoot for optimism... That's what I think... Today, tomorrow and every day forever... Is going to be a good day :)

Who would you put on your list? Comment?


P.S. Sorry we haven't written in a while. It's our New Years resolution to get back on track... So.......... Look out for new blog posts :)

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